Alberta's employment standards and labour
law rollbacks

The Act to Make Alberta Open for Business (Bill 2) rolls back several provisions under the Employment Standards Code enacted under The Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act (Bill 17). Many of these changes took effect September 1, 2019.

Also, since June 26, 2019, the provincial government introduced a $13 per hour minimum wage rate that applies to students aged 13 to 17 who work up to 28 hours per week when school is in session.

For in-depth commentary on these changes and their impacts on employers, log in to The Human Resources Advisor – Western Edition. (Want a free trial of HRA? Click here.)


What Ontario employers need to know about the latest round of ESA changes

The Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act (Bill 66), which came into force on April 3, 2019, require employers make changes to averaging overtime hours, agreeing to work in excess of the daily and weekly maximum hours of work under the ESA and the posting of the Employment Standards in Ontario poster in a conspicuous place in the workplace.

To ensure employers understand and comply with these changes, the following sample policies—along with their accompanying commentaries and forms—were recently updated in the Human Resources PolicyPro, Ontario Edition:

  • 2.06 Hours of Work
  • 2.07 Orientation and Training
  • 2.17 Flexible Work Arrangements
  • 3.06 Overtime

You can log in to PolicyProPlus or PolicyProPlus Classic Edition to see the changes.


Amendments to Saskatchewan's statutory leaves
now in effect

An Act to amend The Saskatchewan Employment Act respecting Leaves (Bill 153), includes the following changes:

  • Maternity leave is increased from 18 weeks to 19 weeks
  • Parental leave for birth mothers is increased from 34 weeks to 59 weeks
  • Parental leave is increased from 37 weeks in a 52-week period to 63 weeks in a 78-week period
  • The interpersonal violence leave of 10 days is extended to survivors of sexual violence
  • New critical illness leave provides 17 weeks off work to care for critically ill adult family members

Learn about all the changes in The Human Resources Advisor – Western Edition and how to incorporate them into your policies via Human Resources PolicyPro for Saskatchewan.

The following related policies in the Human Resources PolicyPro, Manitoba & Saskatchwan Edition have been recently updated and will be made live and featured shortly in the Inside Policies newsletter:

  • 4.05 Maternity/Pregnancy Leave
  • 4.06 Parental/Adoption Leave
  • 4.24 Critical Illness Leave
  • 4.28 Domestic Violence Leave

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COBIT 2019: A significant update to the principles of information and technology management

As mentioned in a three-part series on our Inside Internal Controls blog, the ISACA recently introduced COBIT 2019 to replace the seven-year-old COBIT 5 system.

Why the COBIT 2019 framework matters

A governance system designed using COBIT 2019 will help you manage IT risks and improve internal controls over IT.

COBIT 2019 introduces fundamental changes to respond to new technologies and business trends; for example, DevOps and outsourcing. The 2019 update is more comprehensive, including new focus areas, new design factors, updated goals cascades and new governance and management objectives.

We have updated the Introduction to Information Technology PolicyPro® to guide users through this change and will be updating the relevant policies and procedures over the coming months to reflect the COBIT 2019 standards.

Log in to PolicyProPlus to read the updated introduction and visit Inside Internal Controls to get the big picture.


What’s your Fraud IQ?

We’ve added a new checklist to Finance and Accounting PolicyPro® that can help management improve its fraud IQ, including the ability to spot common behavioural red flags that can indicate fraud.

It is management’s responsibility to prevent and detect fraud—not the external auditor, not an internal audit, nor anyone else's. Consequently, a key management role is to implement effective internal controls that are likely to help prevent and uncover fraud.

Essential questions for management to consider include the following:

  • How is fraud committed?
  • How do organizations typically detect fraud?
  • What are the some of the characteristics and behavioural red flags of fraudsters?

Log in to My Account and access Finance and Accounting PolicyPro to review GV 6.05 – Fraud.


NEW: Required Postings Checklist for Manitoba

We've recently produced a new compliance checklist to help identify all the posters, documents and policies that must be posted in Manitoba workplaces under employment standards, health and safety, labour relations and workers' compensation and more.

You can download the new checklist for free here.

Additional versions of the required workplace postings checklist are also available for Alberta, British Columbia (updated August 2019) and Ontario workplaces – Click here to obtain your free copy.

Did you know?

The Human Resources Advisor includes comparisons between provincial, territorial and federally regulated legal requirements to help users who fall under different jurisdictions. We are also adding relevant notes about federally regulated requirements under the Canada Labour Code and Regulations where appropriate in Human Resources PolicyPro as policies are updated. We’ll keep you updated when these changes are occurring!



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