The Employer’s Guide to
Canadian Payroll – 2020 ed.

A quick reference to payroll rates and amounts

Get the only guide that provides all the payroll rates and amounts you will need for the current payroll year for every Canadian jurisdiction—with continued updates through the year and links to comprehensive commentary by payroll specialists!

2020 Employer's guide to Canadian payroll rates, updates

Use the guide to gain quick access to these essential rates and amounts:

  • Federal, provincial and territorial minimum wages
  • Income tax brackets and thresholds
  • Non-refundable personal tax credits (e.g., basic personal amounts)
  • Canada Pension Plan and Quebec Pension Plan
  • Employment Insurance and Quebec Parental Insurance
  • Provincial health tax and levies
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Taxable allowances, benefits and special payments subject to CPP, EI, income tax
  • Automobile expense deduction limits and the prescribed rates


This guide gets straight to the point with 36 pages of detailed tables outlining all the rates and amounts that small and medium businesses need to know. Buy it today for $95.


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* The current edition of the guide is up to date and will continue to be updated throughout the year, until December 31, 2020!  We will automatically send you the updated 2020 guide when it becomes available.

Print ISSN: 2292-7638  Online ISSN: 2292-7646